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Quick FAQ:

Why are we doing this?

I recently relocated to Maryland in February of 2021. So we need to spread awareness of our relocation to the DMV! By us giving value to other businesses, we know that will benefit other businesses as well as ours. So it's a WIN - WIN! 

It's going to develop into a Case-Study blog where we showcase solving real problems for real businesses!

Is there a catch?

No! Once you signup you simply are registering for us to be able to contact you and provide this promotional offer! You will receive an occasional email in regards to (1) Case-Study Blog updates where we show problems we have solved by using video with other locations that were filmed.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is signup! We just want your name (or one of your employees names) + website + email + a good contact #. 

What is the process?

Once your registration is received. We will immediately contact you to finalize setup for your filming session. The filming session will take anywhere from 30-90 mins. We will not be filming that entire time, that is just the time to adjust, give direction etc.

Where will we film?

We will film what we need to on-site at your business. If you do not have a physical location, we will utilize a public location or maybe even remote filming! Remote filming means that we will use the power of almost everyone having smartphones. We can use that to benefit video production! Regardless, we will get creative to be able to get something done! 

here are some other types of videos we've done

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