Sales Videos

Here are Example Projects of Sales Videos that are Implemented Directly into your process...

Example 1

Below are 3 videos from a collection of Sales Videos for Vesta Foundation Solutions. They have a platform where their sales team uses in meetings with customers. These videos are implemented @ certain points of these meetings.

These videos are geared to do the talking for them when it comes to a representation of what their product(s) do. And when followed up by the Sales Associate immediately after they view the short video, it creates a new level of understanding for the customer.

And this new "level" so to speak, is a level where they are more apt to make a purchasing decision at a sooner/later point.

Take a look.

Example 2

Below is a different style than the first example. It is 1 Video, that is designed to serve as a longer form presentation. What it presents is; (1) What the business/organization does; (2) Why they do it; (3) And how can the viewer help

See the object of this video is not to "sale" them. It is more to give insight to the viewer to possibly want to involve themselves in investing into the future of our nation essentially. But - technically it still has the "sales concept", so it is geared to help a business/organizations main task which is to get the viewer to do - something.


Utilizing Professionally Produced Videos in your process is essential. It's all about the right communication at the right time in your established process.

In which, they are needed to attract & gain the new clients you are seeking.