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First and foremost, thank you sincerely for even making it to this page to see more about this book! I wrote this book during a very trying time in my life, a very trying time but with a lot of growth. There were sooooo many business & essentially life lessons that were shown to me over this time. So I decided that if I can write this book and have other folks benefit from the challenges that I did endure, I thought that God would really like that. You'll see in this book that I am both a very faithful person & also a work in progress lol....


I took the leap of faith for my vision on my life and left the Corporate work world to pursue a life that I could see for myself. While it's certainly true enough, I'm not where I envisioned myself yet from a success standpoint....But one of the lessons I've learned over the past few years is, to WORK the journey and ENJOY the process. And I'm doing just that....

Chapter list

Explanation of who this works for
How it all started
Bought my time
‎Be of VALUE
Everything is Subjective
‎Digital Revolution
5:30pm--2am & Friday thru Sunday
Multi-Channel Learning
Make a Plan, set a date
Family, Friends, and Co-Workers
Seeing Ahead: Being Aware beats being Humble
Do Something different to get something different
Valleys & Peaks
No boss, no direction, no foundation
Multiple streams of income
Build an invisible wall around yourself, it’s Temporary
Window of Time
What’s the worst that could happen?
‎MLM Platforms
Branding Yourself: “You” can be your business
Good In --- Good Out
Comfort Zone
Life Still Happens
Things are seasons
Going Back To a Job
Get Comfortable with Uncomfortability
Being Broke
My Growth Defined

Audio Version


Chapter 3  Bought My Time

Chapter 20

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

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If you order the Physical Copy, it will be Signed with a Personal Message & MAYBE  a gift Inside!

+Audio Link Page (Private Youtube Links of Audio Version).

If you order the Audio Version on Apple Books or Google Play Books, it will be sent directly to your phone as soon as payment is submitted!


Once the book is ordered, it usually ships between 1-3 days of the date it was ordered. It will be shipped via USPS and will take standard 3-7 days for delivery.


For one book, the standard shipping cost is $6, if there is more than 1 book ordered the additional shipping cost will be covered by me!

Audio Links Page?

For folks who purchase the physical copy of Doin' It Cool. I am including a page with Audio Links that can be listened too separately via Audio. This is not the "official" Audiobook, it is a way to provide the alternative of listening to the book as well.

You can make it function almost "Like an App" by opening the page on your browser and Save the Page to Your Homepage. It usually is under options and "Save to Homepage". Once you do that you will be able to hit that icon on your phone or mobile device to get to the link quicker :)


For anyone who would rather to have the official Audiobook, it is available on any of your mobile devices via Google Play Books (All devices except Apple) or Apple Books. This is really dope because you can listen to the book while doing your normal daily tasks or whatever you would prefer to do while listening!

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