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1st 3 Weeks

1st Step We will produce whatever Campaign Creative we need to get started + we will get you setup with the necessary digital platforms to implement our Digital Marketing System. We will also develop any landing pages needed for you. At this point we will also request for approval to be a Meta Advertiser on behalf of your business(or any other platform we use).


Next, we will implement our video marketing process. This is where we follow the digital marketing plan and assess the data day by day to week by week. Each week in the beginning phase will give us the data we need to make any tweaks to the immediate approach. 

After First 3 Weeks

Before/After the 21 day implementation of lead generation video marketing plan, we will (1) launch process &  (2) Immediately assess results on a day-to-day basis. From there, each week we will either continue or tweak the current approach adjusting to what the data is telling us to do...

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