Doin' It Cool

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First and foremost, thank you sincerely for even making it to this page to see more about this book! I wrote this book during a very trying time in my life, a very trying time but with a lot of growth. There were sooooo many business & essentially life lessons that were shown to me over this time. So I decided that if I can write this book and have other folks benefit from the challenges that I did endure, I thought that God would really like that. You'll see in this book that I am both a very faithful person & also a work in progress lol....

I took the leap of faith for my vision on my life and left the Corporate work world to pursue a life that I could see for myself. While it's certainly true enough, I'm not where I envisioned myself yet from a success standpoint....But one of the lessons I've learned over the past few years is, to WORK the journey and ENJOY the process. And I'm doing just that....

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