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Can Your Business Be Too Openly Vulnerable on Social Media?

In this blog post I want to share my thoughts on “Being Vulnerable on Social Media”, as a business. This is where I’ll take a stance on this issue

Unless you are building a brand based around openly showing your emotion....


My reason for that is because as a business when you open all the way up like that, it gives people a reason not to work with you….and that kills your business. So before you jump off the ledge and let people too deep into the frustrations you experience (in which we all do).....think about the possible end result. And if you are ok with that, of course have at it…

You see, in my business sometimes I get EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with other people as well. However, I consciously choose to keep those frustrations that directly include other people away from the public to see. This is because if any prospective clients see some “mess” I put up online that connects me to any open sloppy’ness. There is a really good chance they will pass up giving me an opportunity to work with them. Yes, I said giving “Me” the opportunity to work with them….because I understand what’s real. And what’s real for me is that each and every prospective client that reaches out to me gives me an opportunity to further my business with every new video session, I will NOT take that for granted.

So there are plenty of ways to be vulnerable, while still exhaling and dealing with your frustrations. You have (1) Personal Counsel, (2) Your own place of exhalation, or (3) Creative ways to communicate your frustration. I actually implement all 3 ways, but in this blog I’m illustrating option #3.

You don't have to show that you can fight online

Let Me Get a Little More Personal...

In my business three things happen that tick me off…..(1) When I do free marketing for others and it’s taken for granted; (2) When clients have unreasonable requests or demands; or

(3) Unprofessional actions taken by others.

Let me get this clear! I have learned to not take 1 of these things that I just mentioned, personally. That wisdom alone has allowed me to present myself in a constant professional manner…..

I’ve been called out on social media before, but I don’t fall into the drama when that has occurred. I’ve been taken for granted by people and other businesses. But I chose to take the high road and not participate in that drama. I’ve been literally treated like second class by people. But I knew that, I'm actually the opposite of the way they were trying to treat me because I know my worth...

With all those things happening that could chop away at my personal well-being if I let it, I’ve learned to not take these things personally. I am a business, and in business things are not guaranteed to always go my way, or be fair. By understanding that and keeping my personal thoughts and mentioning of the people involved away from the public to see and develop opinions on….. I believe that helps my business propel further more than allowing those things to affect me and hold me back, essentially tearing me down. Instead I learned to include those frustrations and lessons in my navigations going forward...

So What's The Point of This Blog?

The big point is that, on social media if you showcase your vulnerability in a 100% fashion, you allow others to develop opinions and judgements against you.

As I mentioned previously in this blog, if you’re ok with that and your business is based around those things - then disregard these things I’m saying. However, if your brand image and business is dependent on people having good thoughts and judgements of you, don’t fall into any drama online for people to develop negative thoughts of you. Think about it, would you do business with a company that could airs out dirty laundry in public?

And it’s also like this, on social media it’s like a big group of people at a social gathering….would you want your business to be the one that’s creating a bunch of drama or being involved in a bunch of drama at that gathering?

Most likely not, you don’t wanna be apart of the conversations that people have saying “did you see that mess”, “I saw them in that drama”, or “they are always starting stuff”…..those things aren’t good for business….. Just my thoughts...

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