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Every Video Project has a 4 Step Process...

Quite often, well, every time we work with a company on a video project there are questions around cost. This blog post is to shed a little light on the process of developing videos in your projects with ItsCoolVision.

These are the 4 steps that go into any video project. It does not matter if it's a project that consists of 1 video or 50 videos! Regardless of the direction we're going, these steps are always crucial.

Step 1: Concept Planning

Step 2: Pre-Production

Step 3: Video Shoot(s)

Step 4: Post Production


Step 1: Concept Planning

This is where it all starts. Concept planning is sort of like your "Foundation". As we know with anything, one thing that is a must is a foundation.

So what do we do in this step 1?

This is where we take the time to figure out just exactly where we are going with your project. We may have phone calls or questionnaires used at this time in communication with you or your team.

One thing I take seriously in my projects is to make sure that we provide an end result that is aligned with your goals. This portion of the phase is to get things setup to function correctly for your project. One of the best things we can do as Videographers is to reverse engineer what we are producing for you.

Here's a list of things that happen in the concept planning phase:

  • Cluster Map of Ideas & Brainstorming

  • Research & Strategy

  • Correspondence with party's involved via Questionnaire/Email/Conversations

  • Define Business Objective: make sure we are going the right direction for the project

  • Define Audience

  • Develop Message/Communication/Types of Video


Step 2: Pre-Production

This is where we begin to get things in order! By now we know which way we are going for the project, which matches your goals and intentions. Now it's time to design exactly how we will execute the project.

So what do we do in this step 2?

In this step we begin to design the project. We are coordinating all measures to make sure that we will execute properly! This is our "checklist stage". At this point we have the foundation of the project figured out, and now it's time to make sure the things we have in place to execute properly.

Here's a list of things that happen in the pre-production phase:

  • Graphics Design (Intro's/Outro's/Animations)

  • Script/Dialogue Development

  • Secure Locations

  • Filming Sessions Design

  • Brief additional camera operators (if involved)

  • Storyboard/Design of Videos

  • Scheduling


Step 3: Video Shoot(s)

Now it's time to produce the content, physically. We've Conceptualized & Planned accurately for this moment. Then at this time we execute physically. Depending on your specific project, this process can be anywhere from 1-3 hours on up to 2 weeks worth of filming. It all depends on your needs!

So what do we do in this step 3?

Obviously, one of the things we will do here is filming what's needed for your project. And of course, the filming sessions depend on what type of project as well. Typically if it's a smaller project, the filming session may be 3-4 hours total. If it's a larger project, there may be multiple days of filming for 1-3 hours. It all just depends on what we plan for to produce your video(s).

Note:Not all projects require us to physically film video for projects. Some projects skip this step. The price is adjusted accordingly if this is so!


Step 4: Post Production

This is where we bring it home! At this point, we've collected and performed everything we need to go into our editing room. We use the Adobe Creative Cloud platform + vast number of additional platforms that help us produce your videos.

So what do we do in this step 4?

This step is the last of the production process. The previous 3 steps are crucial to assuring that we have all our ducks in a row(so to speak). We have more than 10 years of experience in video editing directly on the Adobe Premiere Pro platform that has enabled us to deliver a quality product.

How much time is spent on a project?

This is another "it depends" question. Some projects we may spend upwards of 40 hours on total. This is usually a project that may be in the ballpark of $8000 or more as far as cost is concerned. For a typical project around the $3000 range, the physical time in the editing room may consist of anywhere around 10-15 hours of editing time.

Here's a list of things that happen in the post-production phase:

  • Organization of Contents

  • Stock Video Acquisition

  • Sound Effects Application

  • Music Selection Curated & Applied

  • Interviews/Dialogue Curated

  • Graphics/Text/Animation Application



As you can see, we put a lot of time into each and every project. No matter what the project consists of, these steps are critical! At ItsCoolVision, we take pride in producing the best videos that facilitate the message that you are ultimately trying to deliver in your business communications!

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