Three Types of Videos You Must Use In Your Business....

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

These are the three types of videos that EVERY business must have.

(1) Make a "Statement"

(2) Show them "Live in Color"

(3) Give the "Experience"


These types of video not only shows and tells the viewer what it is that you do for them. Also, you get to BRAND your business with the content as well. Think about it, someone comes across your company from one of the many ways that this can happen....and when they get to your Website or your Social Media profile, and there isn't something that speaks to them and gives a visual connection for what it is that you do? "Showcasing your business" is always a positive ROI

These type of videos pays you back over and over and over through constant capability to show a newcomer to your brand what it is that you can help them with. That's when the opportunity to genuinely connect and develop a relationship with the new potential customer.

Here are a few examples of these videos below. I have created many, but this is just a few I selected at random. And Keep in mind, you actually can create videos like this on your own. But, the effect could be altered due to capability.

This example is an owner pretty much making a "Statement" as to what her business is committed to providing.

This example is of another owner who is showcasing a "live and in color" view of what her business/non-profit is committed to providing.

This is an old one from like, 2015-2016. See how good quality content can still be used years later? This is an owner showing and telling what the "Experience" is like with his business

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