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Why is Branding Important for Your Business?

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

3 Reasons Why Branding Your Company Will Help Grow Your Business...

1- Recognition

So basically when people “recognize” your brand, they can simply identify a brand by it’s’ attributes. Not to be confused with “brand awareness”, as awareness is more of how customers are knowledgable that the brand in fact, exists. But for brand recognition, it’s when customers are familiar with your company through visual or auditory indications like Promotions, Slogans, Packaging, Logos, Videos, essentially any content you put out into the world for people to see and associate with your company.

How does that help?

It helps your company by associating those thoughts and feelings around your brand image. That association is directly related to purchasing decisions. When someone either realizes a need for whatever your company does, brand recognition is one of the foundation pieces that will send the “light bulb” off about choosing your business to solve their needs or satisfy what they are looking for.

2 - Trust

Think about it, Why do you REALLY spend your hard earned money on anything? It’s because you trust that you will get what you are looking for! No matter what it is, if you’re going to shell out your money it’s because you have developed a trust that the company providing the solution will solve your problem or satisfy your desire.

So, by developing Brand Trust, you essentially bridge the gap between your company and a prospect. The prospect feels more COMFORTABLE. People don’t want to open their wallets when they aren’t quite comfortable with “why” they are doing so. Get it!?

When you have invested into putting content out online that presents your company in a professional manner, it is directly correlated to trust that is gained while prospects consume your content. So in essence when you decide to consciously invest into your brand by putting out content that represents your company, you’re not just putting out a pointless Video or’re building trust with your audience. That trust is the direct bridge to a purchase from your company 💯

3 - Branding is Directly Under Marketing & Advertising

So let’s create a “vs” scenario: You’re faced with a decision to where you have to get your Carpet Cleaned. You do a google search for “carpet cleaners near me”. 2 companies come up at the top of the list....Company A - who has done NO branding whatsoever, outside of google rankings. And you have Company B - who has invested into producing content for their branding on both their website & social media platforms, as well as getting ranked on google. You know this because you have seen their brand images & videos on social media.


Company B! It’s all attributed to making a decision to invest into branding your company online.

When you have content created for your company and you employ those pieces of content online, you are advertising and marketing your brand. I can’t stress enough that when you consistently create visual imagery in various different ways around the what’s, why’s, how’s, and when’s of your product or service you are advertising and marketing your brand. Priming people’s minds to be ready to make a purchasing decision when it is right for them. You can’t think that when you put out content that people will make that decision right away just because you said it was good......but they will when it is right for them! That’s something you can’t quantify. You can’t quantify all the things that add up and when somebody makes a purchasing decision because you have branded your company to them. Sure you can create formulas, but you can’t quantify the significance of quality Branding. You can only give it a name, and in this case it’s 2 names - Marketing & Advertising.


So what’s the big point of this blog article?

The big point of this blog article is to allude to you the importance of creating quality content for your company. I know it’s a very crowded world where there is all sorts of content that is uploaded to social media platforms and websites everyday. But the fact of the matter is, you should be too! By choosing to not to participate in the evolution of branding in this new world where the possibilities are endless, you’re choosing to become a Dinosaur! And we know that dinosaurs are extinct, history! And if you are cool with that, then sure don’t invest into branding your company to the public. But if you want people to trust your brand, understand your brand, know your brand, and most importantly SPEND MONEY WITH YOUR COMPANY....then make a conscious effort to brand your company online..................And ItsCoolVision can help you do that 😀

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