powerful video types for your business


Customer or Employee

Explainer/Sales Video

"Get'em Thinking about how your product/service will help their lives

Video Business Card

Multi-Use Video for Communications & Sales

session style 1

This is a "standard video session . 

This session comes standard with planned intention to create 1-2 additional pieces of content that are pre-designed to promote the main concept. So for example, if the goal is to create content to show "Product X or Service X" you would get (1) The Main Video; (1) A short direct promo; (1-2) Creative Promos; and (1) Promo that is made for social sharing. Such as the owner showing what we are creating so that the followers can have insight. 

The point of this session is to create the MAIN CONCEPT + Promotional Videos that push the main concept further online & social media.




(For Commercial Use)

Some Text & Animations


Sound Effects

S.M.P.P. Videos

Social Media Push Package Videos



Have a bigger Idea or Communication Problem to solve? This is for the business that has capability and desire to create content for a specific purpose and wish to produce it in a way that is planned, specific, and capable to create the ultra "presence" around the concept.

It can be either 1 main video, or multiple videos around a specific concept for your business. All tailored to fit the need of the project or scope of business need.


It is fully customizable to fit what is needed for file type/size; format; locations; hired actors/actresses.....whatever is needed to fully capture that essence.

This type of project takes a little more planning and communication than the other sessions as the main purpose is to be fully precise on what is needed for the business.

Full Out Animations


(For Commercial Use)



Full Out

Sound Effects

Strategy Calls/Meetings/Consultations

-As Needed-

Fully Tailored to

Meet Your Needs

S.M.P.P. Videos

Social Media Push Package Videos

So What goes into each project?

All video sessions are Customizable, Professional, Planned, and fully capable to be commercially used. Professional attributes are below:

  • Color Graded - This means that the "look" will have a eye catching element that makes them stand out

  • Music/Audio/Sound Effects that can be used commercially.

  • Professional Lighting

  • Text & Animations (Extra charges may be applied)

  • Multiple Cameras & Angles

  • Multiple Audio Sources - This means that multiple people can be "mic'd up" to ensure that professional audio is captured

  • Necessary Planning & Preparation to execute on Filming Day

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