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Using Smartphones to Produce Customer Testimonial Videos

Almost all of your customers have a smartphone right!? Well, we can leverage their happy experiences with today's technology to use for your businesses benefit in Marketing!

Prices start at $45

Customer Testimonial Remote Video image Copy-4.jpg

Top 3 Benefits


Marketing &

Your potential customers love none other than seeing your current customer's responses to your product/service

Good to use at any stage of your Marketing or Sales Process!



No need to schedule for the customer to come to your office or meet with an employee or videographer to produce the Video Testimonial.


Doesn't matter the location! All the need is a smartphone that has access to internet/wifi.

We have a foolproof process to communicate & coordinate with the customer to produce the video testimonial using smartphones & a secure upload process to our cloud platform.

It's Really Simple!



With not having to hire a videographer or use your employees time and energy to capture the customer testimonials, this means this process will save your company Money & Time!

Not only does it save you money and time, but it gives your company a smooth process to utilize and plan for your future marketing!

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Prices start at $45

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