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Be Inspired: LuxNic

When it's time to have a good time with the one you love or maybe even just friends, it's surely a good idea to have LuxNic be the provider of the "vibe of a lifetime". When it's time to let go and have fun, LuxNic aims to be the Luxury Picnic Provider that puts smiles on faces and memories made!

We met up with Nadja, owner of LuxNic. Which is a Luxury Picnic Provider based in Buffalo Metro Area! She shared her inner thoughts of the things that drives her to provide such a beautiful experience. LuxNic is not just a picnic provider, it's an outlet for her to bring her inner gifts to the world!

See Nadja with Luxnic Here:


What is it that you care about?

What I care about most about this business is the feeling that my customers get when they arrive, and that is what makes me happy. I've had customers cry, I've had customers just smiling and happiness that. That means a lot to me that the thing that I've worked hard on, the thing that I've done can bring so much joy and happiness to other people.

I've met some amazing and kind beautiful people throughout this process of, you know, starting a business and being a luxury picnic provider. And I think that's what I hold really dear to me is that meeting the people that I've met, everyone has been so kind and so wonderful and that's something that I really love and I care about.

What makes you happy doing what you do?

I enjoy making other people happy, and it makes me happy to see other people happy and to be able to have a business that I can provide that for other people. It makes me feel good inside. I don't, I don't know, It's just, it's a part of my makeup, I guess. I realized this is something that I wanted to do honestly, when. I saw the reaction from my first guest, and I think that the reaction that I got from, um, he and his wife kind of propelled me to continue to wanna provide these types of experiences for people.

And, you know, I enjoy making people happy and seeing the reaction every single time. You know, my guests are so excited and they love it, and, you know, it's, it's an also opportunity for me to be able to provide that kind of joy to people. So it's something that I love

I think that when I started this business, it probably could have been day one. My very first customer, um, they came and he, it was their anniversary. He had a saxophone has come, and I was very, you know, starting very early with my luxury, my business.

So it, it wasn't to me as at Grand Door as things that I have. Uh, but the feeling, the, the response that I got from them, from how happy they were, kind of really set the tone for my business, and I realized I can do this and I'm excited to do it over and over again. And it never ceases to amaze me. When my clients come up and see the setup, how happy they are, It, it truly makes me happy.

How did this business start?

So when I started this business, this is during Covid. I had just got introduced to TikTok and I'm scrolling on TikTok and I saw this girl, she did a luxury picnic for somebody, and I was like, Oh, that's cute. I thought it was nice and maybe I would, you know, possibly do it in the future as a, as a client.

Um, And then actually about a week later, a coworker of mine asked me to just go on a picnic and we laid a blanket down, we play some games, we had drinks, we had food. And I think between the conjunction of those two things, I decided I'm gonna do this, um, as an opportunity. So it's kind of started out as a hobby that I thought would be fun, and it's really turned into a full-fledged business and it's been up from there.

Why is this business important to you?

I think it is about being of service to people. I think that is something that I enjoy to do. It's one of my love languages. Acts of service is one of my love languages. And I think that often times we project the things that we want for ourselves on other people.

I also often feel like it's just an innate energy that. I want to be able to help people. I enjoy making people smile, you know, like, I'm a jokester, so we're having a conversation, you know, I'm gonna make a joke about it, or I'm gonna, you know, try to lighten the mood because, you know, life is a lot and I think that if we can have these small moments, you know, you have a luxury picnic, but just having the small moments in [00:09:00] general where you can sit down, you can take a break and you can be happy and you can just release yourself from, you know, whatever is going on around you.

What should people expect from the experience?

People should expect great customer service. People should expect a great time, a beautiful setup, a seren vibe, and just an experience that they will never forget.

You know? I really feel like Lucks Nick is a one of a kind opportunity. You won't get anything like it. You won't get anything like me, and that's one thing that I feel that they will really get absolutely.


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