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How Important are Testimonial Videos?

Very Important!

They will make you business Money

& Save Time!

Credibility & Trust

Reason #1

When someone meets you, the first thing they are likely to do is go to your website. Either that or your social media. When they come in contact with you online, the #1 thing that they need from your business is a sense of Warm Direction.


What do I mean by a warm direction?

The moment someone comes in contact with your business, they are looking to obtain a "want" or "need". They may or may not have a direct idea of what they are looking for, which gives you a chance to strike their interest. And what better way than a good video that warms them up to what you offer. Regardless of what they thought before watching this video, once they consume this piece of content they will be aware of what you can do for them while solving their want/needs.


Once someone has consumed a lite version of what you can do for them, that will fast track their momentum to move forward with you. Thus, a warm direction.

Reason #2

Socially Distanced Production!

So you being the business owner, chances are you know what your customers are going to think before they even will. An Introduction Video gives an opportunity to spearhead any topics or customers that you know will best benefit your customers. This gives you opportunity to tackle any questions or concerns that they may see before making a purchase. And what does that do for your business? It saves you Time!


This is also a good platform to relay any updates about your product or service. We update things to our business all the time, and it's a good idea to keep your customers and future customers informed on beneficial things for them.


Reason #3

When you have a good homepage video, it's job is to be a "First Point of Contact" type of video. The video that serves as a sort of ~fork in the road~ type of essence. What I mean is that since this video is to address issues that are in the beginning of the buying cycle, it also serves as a good Advertisement or Promo that you can consistently use in your social media marketing. You can make it a featured video or re-post it as much as you like. Here's another idea, when somebody asks can they introduce you to someone, this video does the work for you!

It also is very important to serve as a video for the homepage of your website. When someone comes in contact with you or your business, of course they will go to your website. And when they do make it there, an Introduction Video will speak directly to them. A lot of times when someone gets a warm direction from you from the start, they will be more inclined to make a purchase of your product/service. Haven't you seen a good intro video in your dealings with a company and that gave you the notion to work with them, thus eliminating the thought of going elsewhere to get what you were looking for?


This type of video doesn't have to be too short or too long. Typically a good Introduction Video can be anywhere from 45 secs to as much as 5/6 mins. It all just depends on the business and type of product/service you have + the content that they need to see. So these videos are perfect for re-purposing to social media (in which this is a whole another opportunity for marketing, but that's another story!).

There's 2 types of testimonials we can make for you


Fully Professionally Produced



Meaning Nobody has to Meet! 

Here's some Professionally Produced Examples

Testimonial - Health is about the whole person

Testimonial - Health is about the whole person

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Here's a Remotely Produced Example

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