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Be Inspired: Sharp Image

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

When you're a newcomer into the city of Buffalo or someone looking for a fresh place to experience that good ol' Barber Experience, try Sharp Image! Located in the heart of the city with plenty of different restaurants, shopping, neighborhoods, and UB South all within walking distance.

We recently sat down and caught up with "Scoot the Barber" at Sharp Image and talked with him about his experience thus far. At age 12 he grew from sweeping hair at the barbershop to owning at the age of 26.

Daquan Mitchell aka "Scoot the Barber" deserves to be in the successful place of being a member of the community that inspires others!

See his interview below


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Tell us about you?

About me. I feel as though I'm more of a I'm more than a barber. I'm a businessman and a father. Like, I'm a father. First business, second a barber. You know, like I cut hair. But I feel as though I surpassed the barber level. Like, I feel like a barber. Just a guy that sits behind a chair or step behind a chair.

How long have you been a barber?

I've been a barber for 13 years, but I. I've been in this exact barber shop since I was 14. I'm 30. I started sweeping hair here. I started at the Barbershop at 14, started cutting this 17, started own owning at 26. And I'm 30. So yeah, that's like, that's like the origins.

Professionally, a lot of people will perceive me as, Without knowing how much I put in man. I know I used to come here every day when I was when I was 14. The owner at his barber shop used to bring me here on Saturdays at five in the morning. Yeah, like so I used to sweep hair for him five in the morning.

The guy that was here was actually a pastor at my church, so one day I told him, I'm like, Yo, I want to get a job. Can I sweep here at the barbershop? He said yeah, and I'm here now. So I've been here my whole life, literally.

Any advice to young aspiring barbers out there?

I tell a lot of young barbers like, don't get too comfortable, always get out of your comfort zone. Try your hardest to be the best barber you can. Like I'm not to toot my own horn, but I believe I'm a phenomenal barber, so now at this point is just like little details like it, like a fade might look perfect to you, but then it's like now difference between a 20 out barber and a $40 barber is the details.

You might be able to cut your ass off, but now it's the little things to pay attention too. But like when it comes to cutting hair, I, I prep a different like, like I told you before, I come hour early before my first person. So my first person is normally at nine, I come in at eight. I prepare myself because a lot of barbers that's what they mess up at, time.

People don't treat the barbershop like a business. They treat it like a hustle. I remain like a business. Like I said, different $20 to $40. You pay $40 for me because I'm on time and you get good haircut. You ain't got to worry about me not being here. You ain't never going to see those in jail. No, I don't do that.

What do people get at Sharp Image?

When people come to me, they get the sharp image experience. Now what does that entail? Everything, like, Oh, you get great conversation, you get a great haircut. And you you don't got to worry about anything crazy happening in a barbershop. Like you don't got to worry about somebody coming here having a fight. You don't gotta worry about people cussing in here like is a family environment.

So you get, like, all of the above.

Get $10 your first cut!

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