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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

By now if you own a business, you’re very aware that using video in your process is very beneficial. Take a glance at the tips below that show you PRACTICAL REASONS on how video is an integral part of your social media, website, and any other correspondence you have with our customers.

1) All Video Content Can Be Re-Purposed & Re-Used

When you have a good video producer who understands the buying process and how videos can affect it, you’re winning!

Your video content can be reused and repurposed numerous ways and that certainly increases the ROI of creating video in your process. Think of it like this, let’s say you have a general purpose video that is 30 minutes long. A good video producer will be able to break down and put together at least 4 short videos that serve as small purposes. Or, let’s say you have 5 short videos that had a specific purpose and now they are non-useful for that purpose; what can be done with those is to use them in B-Roll or another purpose that needs to reference those videos. So the point is that no matter what, when you invest in good video content, the videos can always be used in multiple different communication points in the Buyers Process.

2) Customer Reviews Transcend potential customers minds & perception

Customer Testimonials & Reviews transfer the customer from the Evaluation stage to the Purchase Stage

This stage is a particular point in the buying process. When a customer has visited your website or social media pages, they are either lightly or heavily considering a purchase. When they watch a quick testimonial or review ( Text works too), it does NUMEROUS positive things to their minds as they take-in the content. By engaging with the testimonial/review content, it pretty much speaks to their like-minded concerns in real life form. It seems to answer the potential customers questions directly, or indirectly. For example, you may just be looking at a product to see if it fits the parameters of what you want. You take a quick gander at a review and the person doing the review will point out that they “love the product” and reference something particular about it (and the “particular” thing could be something that you wondered while researching yourself); And when you put those two together----the fact that the review indicated that it is a good product, along with recognition of a specific benefit --- the customer develops a sort of verified analysis of the purchase…….Then their ready to buy at this point.

3) You can’t ASSUME every customer understands your offer

Explainer Videos or “How To” Videos

When a customer visits your website, obviously they are interested. Your job with your website is to make sure that there questions, concerns, and interest are maximized. By doing so, it creates a clearer vision for the customer, which enables them to highly consider a purchase from you. Explainer videos, customers will not be stuck in their own mind of what you offer or don’t offer. IF they get confused or don’t understand, then that’s when they stand a higher chance of getting a negative connotation or feeling which possibly leads to them not considering a purchase.

4) Promotional Videos serve Various Purposes

The whole purpose of a promotional video is to gain attention/educate/inform/entertain, and prompt the customer.

A promotional video is like the first contact of fishing line hitting the water. It is the first point of contact with the mind of the customer. That’s why this is a very important step in the buying process. This is why we see commercials bombarded to us, and it’s a crowded marketing world so the promotional videos must be engaging! Not only are promotional videos used as advertising on social media, they are also geared to be watched on specific sections of your website as well as included in email correspondence with your customers.

5) You want your website or Links of your website to populate on Page 1 of Google

Rank Higher in Search Engines

When you have videos on your website that are Youtube links, they are like “+ signs” to Google. Thus when a click of a youtube video anywhere on your website

, it increases the Page Ranking with Google. Higher Page Ranking from Google = Higher Ranking in Search Results. When your page and links dominate the first page of your Business Search ----- That’s Really Profitable!

6) There needs to be a FIRST IMPRESSION Video

Where the potential customer finally becomes a customer, greet them with a warm Onboarding Video. This is a video that should make the customer feel at home, like they belong with your company’s family.

This type of video serves as an extra chance to give direction on what to do if the customer has a question or concern. Also as a visual aid on how to maneuver the website or app. Customers can learn all the quick “in’s and out’s” of your platform.

So as you can see, video is indeed a "need" and not a "want". In this day in age and acceleration, it's best you keep up with the times and not become a dinosaur. If you need a little or a lot of video work for your company, call us now!

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